“Punch in Shalang, Ride Xizhu” cycling activity started


On January 9th, a series of activities of the Xizhu Rural Cultural Tourism Festival-”Cart in Sarang, Ride Xizhu” bicycle riding activity was launched in Taoyuan Furniture City. At 10:00 in the morning, with an order, 200 “riding friends” set off from Taoyuan Furniture City and rushed to the end of Poly Spring Lake International.

It is reported that this cycling activity passes through 7 stations in Xizhu Street, namely: Taoyuan Furniture City, Xizhu Hot Spring Village, Ancient Post Road, Ancient Stone Arch Bridge, Shalang Cultural and Creative Park, Yunhua Valley, Poly Spring Lake International, The whole journey is 21 kilometers.

At 11 o’clock in the morning, the cycling team came to the second stop-Xizhu Hot Spring Village. The Xizhu Hot Spring Farm with a history of nearly 200 years is located in a village of the Shalang Bai ethnic group. Weeping willows in the lotus pond in the farmhouse, fish play with brown shadows, listening to birds singing in the morning mist, bamboo pavilion and breeze, it has a rustic charm. In the early 1930s, Long Yun built an indoor hot spring swimming pool here, titled “Guantang”, commonly known as “Beauty Soup”. Now it has undergone several restoration repairs and renovations, and Guantang has regained its splendor. Outside the museum is an outdoor swimming pool. There is also a children’s paddling pool, which is a great choice for playing in the water in winter.

Following in the footsteps of Xu Xiake, the “riding friends” came to Shalang Ancient Road. The deep pit left by the horseshoe on the uneven bluestone has witnessed the long years and difficult itinerary of the ancient road. The Shalang Ancient Road is the physical basis for the study of ancient traffic in the Kunming mountain area. It was listed as a cultural relic protection unit in Wuhua District on June 25, 2012.

At noon, the “riding friends” and the group came to Shalang Cultural and Creative Park, accompanied by cheerful Bai music, “riding friends” and “Golden Flower” danced together, and a table of Bai nationality’s new year pig rice was full of flavor. Friends felt the strong flavor of the Bai nationality in advance. Afterwards, under the explanation of “Golden Flower”, the riders visited the movable type printing museum and the Bai tie-dye workshop in the park. The Movable Type Printing Museum of Shalang Cultural and Creative Park was built on the site of the Sharon Printing Factory of Yunnan Daily. It is the first movable type printing museum in Yunnan Province.

Traveling through Yunhua Valley is a romantic journey in the whole itinerary. The colorful windmills and oil-paper umbrellas refurbish the park and ride in the middle with a unique flavor. Walking through the canyon, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the mountain peaks on both sides, and occasionally a “dinosaur” will appear to interact with riders, which is very interesting. Yunhua Valley is a flower-themed tourist attraction that integrates flower landscape planting, ecological cultural tourism, and leisure and vacation. The scenic area has complete entertainment facilities, such as the happy train, Yunxiao water slide, and rainbow slide, which are very popular among tourists.

At 4 pm, the riders arrived at the end of Poly Spring Lake International and held an award ceremony for the event. Poly Spring Lake International is located in Sanduo Community, Xizhu Street. The flying diary park and equestrian field that have been built are very popular among children and are a good choice for walking children on weekends.

According to reports, the activity of “Checking in and riding in Xizhu” is one of the series of activities of Xizhu Rural Cultural Tourism Festival. It aims to further implement the National Fitness Regulations and advocate healthy, low-carbon, and green travel. The idea is to ride around the mountains and rivers of Xizhu, enjoy the beautiful mountain villages of Shalang, and taste the life of Bai villages and towns, and introduce the rich cultural, historical and cultural resources of Xizhu to the citizens and tourism resources of towns and towns.

Post time: Jan-13-2021
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