High quality suspension brand’s OEM Trade has grown


Öhlins, a premium suspension brand, announced that its OEM trade has grown, adding its products to four new mountain bike brands.
Mondraker, Commencal, Thok and Intense will launch Öhlins special bikes with MY21. New features give hanging tags a deeper foothold on key tags and are featured in flagship products such as Hope Technology, Stanton, Starling, Canfield, Greyp, Privanter and Antidote.
Mondraker will be the first company to equip its Level RR and super endurance Crafty Carbon XR e-MTB with the new long-stroke RXF38 m.1 fork. The rear of the two models will be equipped with TTX22M and TTXAir as standard. Mondraker’s Foxy Carbon XR 29 and Foxy Carbon RR 29 will also run RXF36 m.2, paired with durable high-performance TTXAir rear shock absorbers. Superfoxy Carbon R and RR will also be equipped with ÖhlinsTTXAir shock absorbers.
The RXF38 m.1 front fork offers a lighter, shorter and more compact design than its dual-crown DH38 cousin, with a maximum stroke of 180mm, and provides clearance for 29″ er cladding and 2.8″ tires.
The low-speed compression and rebound damping are adjusted to 15 clicks, and the high-speed compression and climb modes are set to 3 clicks. Its retuned dual-piston, three-chamber air spring system can be adjusted in detail for all components of 180mm travel. According to the wheel size, the fork weighs 2390 grams.
Torkel Sintorn, general manager of MTBÖhlins Racing AB, said: “We are honored to work with some of the largest bicycle brands in mountain bikes. We pride ourselves on producing high-quality products and are happy to work with manufacturers to help make some of the best bikes on the market. The cooperation with Mondraker, Commencal, Thok and Intense is the beginning of a long journey for us, and more brands will appear in the near future.”
CI.N is informed that electric bicycle manufacturer Thok is about to announce a new British distributor. It is the first brand to launch electric bicycles with the new RXF38 m.1. Thok TK01 LTD, which complies with Ohhllins regulations, is specially designed for technical and demanding riding, and is equipped with TTXAir rear shock absorbers.
Close behind is the California brand Intense, which also chose Öhlins as its latest e-MTB model-Tazer MX. Intense chose to use Öhlins’ double crown DH38 m.1 front fork at the front, while TTX22M kept the bike at the rear.
In the end, Commencal chose the MY2021 with a specification of O20hlins. The 2021 META AM 29 O 29hlins ED will benefit from the TTX22M coil rear shock and the RXF36 m.2 front fork. At the same time, the DH38 m.1 fork used for downhill riding will be used in the new Supreme DH 29/27ÖhlinsED. TTX22M is a popular choice for OEMs, and it will provide enough traction for the bike’s 27.5-inch rear wheels.
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Post time: Sep-22-2020
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